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A Friendly Guiding Voice — with Decades of Experience

In recent years, Ryan has expanded into consulting with small- and mid-sized businesses looking to hit their next phase of growth. With years of direct response experience, decades creating content, and a stint as a publisher himself, Ryan has worn nearly every hat a publishing organization has. And knows how to work with the few roles he hasn't personally filled.

His areas of expertise, and areas he's consulted in:


  • Content Creation
  • Building an Editorial Team
  • Working with Contractors
  • Creating an Editorial Schedule
  • Working and Coordinating with Marketing
  • Understanding Metrics (ie OR)
  • Research Skills
  • Legal Guidelines in the Publishing Industry
  • Pay Schedules


  • Creating Legally-Compliant Copy
  • How to Create Emotion in Prospects (Without Cheap Tricks)
  • Promo Review/Creation
  • Funnel Review/Creation
  • Short Copy Review/Creation
  • Promotional Planning
  • Building the Brand
  • Understanding Metrics (ie LTV)
  • Working and Coordinating with Editors
  • Pay Schedules

General Business

  • Building a Team
  • Structuring a Team
  • How Much to Pay for Talent
  • Generating Cash Flow without Cannibalizing Growth
  • Creating a Customer Journey
  • Setting Proper Priorities
  • Crafting Vision Statements
  • Building the Brand
  • Lowering CAC, Raising LTV, and Getting to Profitability Fast

While a long list, this is far from comprehensive. If you're in need of guidance in any of these or related areas, you can do what Wealth Press, Stock Navigators, Equifund, Prosperity Press, Profits Run, and many others have done: talk to Ryan.

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