Ryan has a drink
Meet The Hungry Writer
Welcome to the online home of Ryan Cole - a professional freelance writer living in Baltimore, Maryland. I specialize in financial writing, marketing and copywriting, health writing, and PR.

I started writing professionally around 20 years ago, while still in college - and the majority of that time, I’ve been freelance. But I also am comfortable in an office, and thrive in a team setting - recently, I was the publisher for a division of Agora. I coordinated and led all aspects of the business for Walden Publishing - which unfortunately ran out of runway before turning a profit, though our subscriber list was showing strong growth.

I learnt the financial and marketing business while in-house with Agora Publishing, in The Oxford Club division. Initially, I worked almost exclusively on direct marketing. I know every step of the business model and can execute each step well. From banners and PPC, to full promotions, to email gauntlets, I’ve done it all - with great success. I’ve written marketing copy for The Oxford Club, Angel Publishing, Oil and Gas Investment Bulletin, Wyatt Research, Walden Publishing, and many more. (For examples and statistics, visit my copywriting page.)

Later, I expanded into the editorial side. Both from training at Agora and as a voracious autodidact, I eventually became a financial expert. My work has appeared on The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Investment U, Inside Investing Daily, and again, many others. I became the senior editor and financial guru for two different publications - Small Cap Insider and Unconventional Wealth. (There’s much more on my financial page.)

Recently, I've taken my 20 years of writing experience, and 13 years in the newsletter world, and opened a consulting arm as well. I've been helping young and/or growing publishing businesses expand and/or improve their marketing, their newsletters, and their internal set up.

Or course, I’ve a number of other interesting writing hungers. I invite you to explore this little corner of the web and discover some for yourself.