February 9, 2014

It has been quite a busy year for Ryan - so much so, he’s barely touched this website.

But, during the past year, Ryan worked as the go-to copywriter and editorial ghostwriter for
The Barefoot Investor, before the time difference between the east coast and Australia proved too much for such a deadline-based business.

Ryan has rejoined The Insiders Strategy Group, now
Contrarian Profits, as the senior editor of Unconventional Wealth. He curates his own recommended investment portfolio, and writes monthly newsletters, weekly updates, and weekly articles for the attached free eletter, Inside Investing Daily.

And, of course, Ryan continues to work as a marketing copywriter. He’s done everything from PR pushes to full promo packages. Ryan’s plate is very full these days - but, with a freshly purchased house in need of some rehab, you can be sure he won’t slow down anytime soon.

March 3, 2013

Ryan has been a busy boy the past few months. He’s drifted away from editorial, and created much more copy. He’s currently working on an evergreen front end for The Money Map Press, and he’s been working steadily for a PR firm. During that time, he’s written a number of advertorial reports, including a long-form print mailer, and he’s created an entire website.

Where his next point of emphasis will be, no one knows - but by now Ryan has the experience to follow, whichever way the trade winds blow.

July 10, 2012

The future is getting very interesting.

Ryan’s newsletter, the Small Cap Insider, is sadly going away. Insider’s Strategy Group has been folded into another division - or vice versa - but the crux of the matter is Small Cap Insider - over half the Insider’s Strategy Group newsletters, in fact - will be gone by the end of the month. They don’t fit the new direction of the new division. Such is the life for a contract writer.

However, don’t feel too bad for Ryan. He’s been contacted by two head hunters recently about two different positions - one as an in-house financial writer for a major investment bank, the other to head up creative for a start-up in the health products business. He’s received a standing offer to join Agora again as a copywriter, and he has a few major projects on the horizon - not to mention, he’s been added to the Motley Fool writer’s bullpen.

The future is getting interesting indeed. This time next month, Ryan’s direction should be much clearer. But, for the moment, he’s actively searching out freelance projects, and plotting his next moves.

March 1, 2012

It’s been a whirlwind for Ryan the past few months. After learning of troubles at Trippon, Ryan set about to replace that income - and is now the senior editor for
Small Cap Insider, a publication of the Insider’s Strategy Group. Small Cap Insider is a paid newsletter that covers, you guessed it, small cap businesses. Ryan works as the primary analyst and writer for Small Cap Insider, doing everything from research stocks, to picking the best companies and making investment recommendations, to analyzing world market and individual sectors, to speaking at investment conferences. It’s a challenging position, but one that Ryan is enjoying immensely.

While Small Cap is a paid newsletter, you can see some of his writing at
Inside Investing Daily, an attached free newsletter that’s proud to have Ryan as one of its contributing editors.

He’s also kept up with his copywriting - with two recent promos for
Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin. Both have done quite well, pulling in over one hundred orders each (given the size of the list and price of the newsletter, that’s a fine haul). One promo - found here - covers a new method for improving fracking efficiency. A newer promo - found here - covers an innovative way to handle water in drilling operations. These are small energy service stocks - but they are very successful, and about to become moreso.

Of course, Ryan continues to ghostwrite articles for
College Made Simple as well. As you can see, he’s a busy man. No wonder it’s been awhile since the last update.

December 19, 2011

Ryan received some sad news recently - one of his biggest clients, Trippon Financial, is in some financial trouble. While hopeful that he’ll get paid for work already done, it appears that business from Trippon will be slow to nil for the immediate future, and the prospects of the company are a bit bleak.

No worries for Ryan though - he’s already made some strong strides to fill the fresh gap in his writing time. Stay tuned - more is coming.

If you’d like to claim some of Ryan’s time, though, feel free to drop a line. Until booked full, this writer is always willing to discuss work.

November 17, 2011

most recent promo, written for Keith Schaefer’s Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin, just received the ultimate compliment: An immediate analysis from the Stock Gumshoe (with a few kind words about the writing, even). Selling was acceptable if a little slow on the first day… but then it turned out there was a problem with the email. So, selling actually is looking much stronger, considering it went to what looks like less than half the list. It’s already easily beat the control.

Ryan’s also continuing to update the promos for
Trippon Financial - the most recent to go live is the China Stock Digest promo. Another promo is finished and soon to be published, while a third is currently in production.

All in all, Ryan’s keeping quite busy. Definitely beats the alternative.

October 2, 2011

Despite some turnover at the publisher, Ryan remains the point man for Trippon Financial Research, producing revamped direct marketing packages and a number of specialized email campaigns. Meanwhile, even though the recent market downturn has caused Taipan Daily and Investment U. to cease working with all freelancers (Ryan included), new opportunities have sprung up to take their place.

Most notably, Ryan just completed a back end promotion for
Oil and Gas Investments, and he is starting to produce editorial for the site as well. Between that, Trippon, and his previous regular clients (along with a few new ones), Ryan is keeping quite busy. Same as it ever was.

June 11, 2011

Ryan is a busy boy these days. He is the lead copywriter for Trippon Financial Research, working off a non-exclusive retainer. He produces and contributes to all Trippon’s marketing efforts, from email inserts to large-scale promotional efforts to helping shape Trippon’s overall marketing strategy.

Ryan is continuing to write editorial for
Taipan Daily, Investment University, College Made Simple, and his work has recently been featured on Seeking Alpha. If you’d like his beautiful words to appear on your site, don’t be scared to contact him.

February 23, 2011

Ryan has begun contributing to
IU again, this time as a tech expert. He has started a personal (to become professional?) blog about the rules of edating, as illuminated by his odd, quirky experiences. There are more rumblings on the horizon - stay tuned, Ry-fans, stay tuned...

December 22, 2010

A new old
travel piece is out. A new Oxford Club front end has come and gone. Ryan’s editorial work is expanding - he’s now writing two articles a week for Taipan Daily and College Made Simple, is restarting his work with IU, and will be one of the founding contributors to a new service, to be announced soon enough. A mother is gone - there will be writing coming out of that, to be sure. It’s quite the ride for this writer and all his illeisms.

September 24, 2010

Busy, busy times. Ryan has been writing numerous conference promos, he’s got a new front end coming out for The Oxford Club, he’s working on some travel pieces based around Florida spring training and non-Mardi-Gras New Orleans, and he’s interviewing prestigious chicken men. Look for that interview - for Merial Selections - when the new year hits.

In the meantime, Ryan is fairly well settled in his now newish spot in Hampden, he’s caring for his mother in her last days, and he’s looking for next adventures. That’s enough for now.

February 21, 2010

Much has been happening in Ryan’s world recently. He’s currently in the process of moving to a new 2 bedroom apartment he’s leased in an eclectic Baltimore neighborhood. His mother has gone from unbelievably ill to a more bearable level of suffering. And Ryan’s writing work has continued to flow marvelously.

Recently, Ryan had a big back-end hit with his
promo for Angel Publishing. The teased stock jumped 138% as new subscribers piled in.

Another Oxford Club conference
promo is headed out the door, and should it prove successful, there’s a chance it will be turned into a front end.

And Ryan has begun doing more writing for health products. In addition to numerous reports written on health subjects, Ryan’s now in the middle of his first health supplement promotion. Should it do well, many more will follow.

That, plus the usual financial promotions and Ryan’s editorial calendar, are keeping him busy and well-fed.

October 6, 2009

Ryan has settled into a new room - in a single-family house in Hampden, in northern Baltimore - and is currently working on a few direct response packages, including a front end for Angel Publishing. Of course, Ryan continues to write editorial content as well, for both Investment U and the Taipan Publishing Group. Busy as Ryan is, only the best projects are making it onto his rader these days.

August 11, 2009

Life's moving quickly. I finally am starting to feel the patterns to it. When that half-sleep writing mind starts its thing, I can get up and record it. When that assignment just needs doing, I can poke the writing mind and get something worthwhile. And when a contest beckons, I can focus, suddenly.

I'm becoming a fuller version of me. May this continue into infinity.

In the meantime, here's a
new trip report I wrote for Trazzler. It lays it on a bit thick... but only had 160 words, you know? They all gotta count. I wrote it on the off chance that I'll win a trip to New York and a nice contract to write about said trip. If you aren't part of the Trazzler network, they're worth a look - plenty of users, writing plenty of entries, many for wherever your hometown may be. I guarantee there'll be a new idea you didn't know about in there. And if you are a member - hopefully my trip report will make it onto your wishlist. That matters, apparently.

Now, I'm in some slight gastro-intestinal pain. Went to Cluck U Chicken yesterday, and had the waiver-worthy 911 wings. I've a picture of me eating them, and I look like a frog that just ate a firecracker. They were hot. The pain was reduced some at TropiKool, a pool-smelling ice cream shop where the girl said she wasn't good at cones, then gave an impressive demonstration of that exact lack of skill. As they say, it's Toadally awesome. And why toads, I have no idea.

July 14, 2009

A tree fell in the woods the other day. Actually, it was quite near the house - made quite a bit of noise when it happened. And it happened in the middle of a beautiful day - no wind, no storms, it just fell. Lessons live in this.

I've been writing regularly - more than usual, at this point. That seems likely to continue - I'm now contributing to a business blog thrice a week. Becoming a regular small-fry columnist. Other work continues apace. There will be more to say, soon - there always is.

June 30, 2009

Back in Baltimore, Ryan is housesitting out at an old country estate. Actually, back in the day, this house was the servant's quarters and barn (worry not - all the effluent is gone, replaced by L-couches and large TVs). The master's manor is up the way a bit. Given the size of the place, hard to believe this was just where the servant's stayed.

Actually, there's another house up the ways which was also servant's quarters. Given the size of this estate (some of it is now a school, with large grounds - the rest are three huge houses with huge acreage), and the locale, my guess is one spot was for the slaves. Maybe this one, likely the other (it's farther from the estate). My relatives claim they've got some ghosts in here, so if I disappear mysteriously over the next few weeks, skip the police, go straight to the shamans.

History aside, this is a tremendous place to get work done. The house is much too large for one person, but there's nothing but birds and trees around, strawberries patches are ripening, I can take long walks without leaving the property, and no one - ever - just drops in.

So, expect a plethora of news in the near future. Without distractions, I should power through my work-writing, and have enough time for real-writing as well. Should be interesting.

June 4, 2009

Ryan's been a busy boy. At the moment, he's visiting his sister in Boston. Before that, he dogsat a puggle puppy in Brooklyn for 10 days. And prior to that engagement, he spent a week with family in Hawaii. It's enough to make you wonder if he works at all.

But no, wonder not. This is, after all, exactly why he's turned down two salaried gigs to continue freelancing. All he needs is a laptop, some wifi, and occasionally, a little juice. He can be anywhere, or everywhere, and still get his work done.

And that's just what he's been doing.

It's coming to an end... or a lull. There will be around two weeks of quiet in Baltimore in the near future. After that, Ryan is likely attending a dating and seduction training seminar, in preparation for another freelancing gig, full of email campaigns and landing pages. Then, off to central PA for a Hindu wedding. After that, he's thinking he might need a REAL journey. Perhaps somewhere international. Time to press that Nicaragua connection, and really get the travel writing kicking back into high gear.

In the meantime... enjoy the site. I've (whoops! I mean Ryan's) just gone through and applied consistent formatting, perhaps for the first time - the kind of thing that feels wonderful to do, which no one will notice. But it's done. A section or two have been updated, on top of new links to new works. And keep an eye out for a new photo section, coming soon.

March 30, 2009

With difficult times, come many layoffs. With many layoffs, come more projects than staff can handle. With an overworked staff, come freelance projects.

Ryan has gotten busy recently, with a number of freelance projects now in his lap. More on that to come - for now, though, Ryan's busy working on said projects. Enjoy it while you can, freelancers.

And editors, business-owner types - the plate is nearing heartiness, but space remains.

January 25, 2009

Not much work out there, so Ryan has started a blog all about being a freelancer in this, the Next Great Depression.
Check it out.

January 12, 2009

It finally happened. The economic crisis trickled down to Ryan. Working for an investment newsletter - a particularly hoary industry at the moment - the layoff came as no great surprise. There had already been a previous round that took out 15%-20% of the workforce, so only a fool wouldn't have his senses attuned to the possibility. Thus, even five states away from HQ, Ryan could smell this coming. Just about nothing investment-related is selling out there. Ryan's direct supervisor apologized profusely during the phone dismissal. It came slightly earlier than expected, but otherwise, Ryan was ready.

Now comes the time of searching, of willing futures into being, of shaping events and choosing between forks in the road. If you would like some input into Ryan's choices, you can always speak with him

October 10, 2008

It's scary out there. Ryan, working for a financial newsletter that specializes in investment advice, is painfully aware that his audience may be drying up as he types. The higher-ups aren't sure what will happen, but the majority of copywriters that I'm speaking with are very worried. No one wants to invest right now - and the few that realize this is actually a great time to get into the market, don't have the money.

That's a very big problem. Credit is gone... folks are going to be paying off debts and saving up... Ryan feels fine recommending jumping in to the markets, because this is a historical chance. We might not have found the bottom yet - but we will soon, and companies will likely never be as cheap again in Ryan's lifetime.

But he, like his audience, doesn't have the liquidity to invest right now. It's worrying. Consequently, Ryan is eager to expand his writing palette yet again, with freelance projects more than welcome.

August 21, 2008

Ryan is in Vermont. Permanently? Doubtful. A year? Possibly.

In the sparsely populated Green Mountain state, Ryan's studying his copywriting heart out under the tutelage of Paul Hollingshead, one of the best in the biz. Will Ryan always be a copywriter? Possibly. Does that mean he will give up other forms of writing? Doubtful.

All that matters to him now is the mastering of skill - through mentors, experimentation, insight and luck. Copywriting is the obvious skill to master... but there are plenty of others that can develop. It's quiet in Vermont. The days last long. Much can happen.

And is it does, perhaps Ryan will see fit to update this page more often. What is this page, anyway? A neglected blog? A freelance homepage? Some odd thing undefined because Ryan just hasn't put in enough time? That third one sounds right...

here for some photos from Vermont - nothing too special, just documenting for the moment, so friends and acquaintances get a glimpse of the vistas vibrating Ryan's way...

May 22nd, 2007

Shocking. Surprising. The best twist since 'Sixth Sense.'

That's just some of the reaction Ryan's friends - who know him as the Wild Crazy Explorer of All - had when they learned he's acquired a 'regular' job. The foreseeable future has Ryan based in Baltimore (where he just bought a new Sentra), typing away as a financial copywriter for The Oxford Club, a division of Agora Publishing. Now he spends his (week)days learning all about the business world, then transferring his newfound knowledge into slick beautiful wondrous copy.

Of course, Ryan isn't resting on his regular paycheck - o no. You'll see his most recent travel writing at International Living (another division of Agora, although the piece was sold before Ryan was hired).

Meanwhile, Ryan's web chops are coming along nicely. Since completing Delegate Dan Morhaim's website, he's started working on both the copy and design for Chargeback Experts.

For now, Ryan is happy to learn, improve, write the occasional freelance piece while chewing on new techniques and subjects. In a year or two you may see an explosion of activity, but for the moment Ryan is more than content in his Journeyman stage.

March 29, 2006

Life is frantic and then you rest. Ryan has been busy moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand, but he has finally settled in one spot, with a beautiful view of Doi Suthep and a semi-reliable internet connection.

He has also been kept quite busy writing. On the travel side, he has written a number of city guides for a new website, Vcarious. His work has also recently appeared at GoNomad, and a few other scattered sites.

His political writing is still most prolific at evote, although he has appeared at other sites as well.

In addition, much of Ryan's time is currently being devoted to his ghost writing efforts. He works for a dating and seduction site - basically, a self-help guide for men who want to have more success in their romantic life. He is producing newsletters, and just finished a very new revision of a book for the company.

Finally, Ryan's budding career in photography continues to make progress.

Enjoy your time looking around Ryan's site as it approaches an on-going completion.